The actual mirror is streaked and foggy, which I will probably either deal with, or have a professional assess in the future.

I plan on painting the entire wood frame black, after sanding off the sponge paint and doing a really thorough wipe down of the carved filligree.

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Decided to update this mirror my grandmother sponge painted in the 90s. I have no idea if I'm doing this right, but it feels good to be so hands on with a project. I'm hand sanding because I don't trust myself with a dremel and am unsure of the quality/age of the original frame.

Recording and watching back is also a necessary part of improving in aerial, dance, etc, so it wasn't just losing out on getting a social media clip. Aerial is my preferred form of meditation, self expression, and joyful movement all in one. Losing the ability to review what was happening when everything clicked feels like a multi-pronged loss.

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I'm getting back into aerial and performing arts, and had the best flow during freestyle. I was really feeling the apparatus, the song, everything. Aaaand I forgot to hit record. It was disappointing.

Got me thinking about doing things just for the love of it, vs doing things to show other people. Performing arts feels especially tricky here, because the process is very much a part of the final project.

if you're reading this you should make art today

This is Feesh. I created Feesh during a trauma counseling session I facilitated.

Feesh is here to remind you that you don't have to be "good" at art to make art.

Trying to figure out the best way to make a costume piece work MIGHT go better if I actually tinkered with the materials instead of just doodling on paper.

Short rant about misconception of Mastodon 

I read an article where the writer is repeatedly uneasy about how conversations on Mastodon are devoid of politics, ”as if the outside world doesn’t exist.” The idea being that the birdsite is more connected to reality?

It’s frustrating to me that anyone would portray algorithm-boosted rage as representative of the world stage, and real, human conversation as non-representative of the human condition and human desire.

The world is upside-down.

Hoping to use this space as a place to have authentic connection about a lot of cool stuff, instead of yelling into the ether and inevitably coming off as preachy.

Particularly interested in spec bio, molecular genetics, knowledge mobilization, music, and storytelling (especially in a performing arts context). I'm not a game designer, but am pretty good at play testing and bouncing ideas around.


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