$372 away from having @RobertBohl back writing for Misspent Youth. Fall In Love, Not In Line is in its last full day on Kickstarter.

Help us get there? Are you a MEE-LEE-OWN-AIR and want to help support an ethical TTRPG company (not an actual oxymoron)?


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***Just 1 day left!***

Misspent Youth is great because you can rock a rebellion in any setting. From the town in Footloose fighting the church to bring dance back to Hairspray's Baltimore where you fight racism allowing black and white to dance together. Teenage space wizards & galactic empires to cadets at utopian space federation vs. militarism. Punk is a million things and your punk self is waiting for you.

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Permanent upgrades to characters would come from completing an arc. As well as access to better mechas.

You want to get better at missions because you need to defend the space fortress on its way back home. But you can only get better by narrating your character’s personal life.

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Got another cool idea for my Robotech/Macross rpg!

Dice rolls will only see use during missions.

Character advancement will happen through scenes in which you try to score XPs by taking actions that fit a chosen “Quest”, like in Chuubo’s Marvellous Wish-Granting Engine. One such quest could be: score a gig for my band, impress a senior officer, etc. Also like in Chuubo, I’d like characters to be on an arc that they can complete by achieving 2-3 such quests.

Making some progress on my Robotech/Macross rpg using the Iron Core mechanics from OpalBreeze games.

I decided to go with a more “players facing” approach: the GM doesn’t roll any dice.

Will also be using clocks to represent progress on missions.

Find out about Iron Core here: opalbreezegames.itch.io/iron-c

My new mecha microgame project is at least a reality.

Alpha 1 of Aldeus is now on Itch!


This project makes me so proud! anarchodom.itch.io/shock-human

@AnarchoDom has been redesigning my Shock:Social Science Fiction for use in classrooms. He’s using it to teach a college class about culture and ethics.

That makes me so proud and happy!

Finally uploaded our hack of Shock:!

We call it the "Humanities at Play" version or hack.

Find it here: anarchodom.itch.io/shock-human

@linnaeus holy shit not sure how I am going to hack The Count of Monte Christo with Nobilis but it sounds amazing

The other thing I would like is to really get into game design.

Getting input, feedback, and collaborators would help tremenduously!

Right now, my projects all center around exploring my fictional universe that I call "Psychrome" through different games.

More on that in a later thread!

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Hi all!

I am a philosophy and humanities teacher in a private college since 2010. TTRPGS are my other big passion in life, having started GMing Shadowrun 2e in 1996. I now obsessively collect and read small press and indie designs.

The pandemic has been the perfect opportunity to finally merge my dayjob and my hobby in a trailblazing approach to teach about ethics, politics, and worldviews.

I hope to meet other rpg enthusiasts as well as fellow innovative educators to collaborate with!


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