Looks like Echo and the Bunnymen dropped out of Cruel World. That's sad, they're one of the bands I have never seen. Also Blondie is the other stage at the same time as Bauhaus...why couldn't they have put her opposite Morrissey? Oh well, Bauhaus wins anyway.

Related to Cruel World, car rental company wanted a $500 deposit. Glad I found out before I got there. I noped out and found a cheaper ride through Avail. No depost BS.

@rivetgeek I’m def not going to anything that features Morrissey. That guy is an infection.

@JoshuaACNewman He's easy enough to ignore since he's last up and there's like 30 other bands. I'd go just to see The Church and Bauhaus.

@JoshuaACNewman Yeah Peter Murphy is getting up there too. Old goths typically don't age well.

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