Help me run a tiny summer camp!

I teach at an alt school in a 2/3 minority, very poor community. Well-heeled families also send use their kids because we’re an amazing school.

Every June, a couple parents approach me to do summer things with their kids. They’re always great kids, but they’re also the families who can afford to pay a teacher out of pocket.

This year, I’m taking one kid under my wing paid for by his dad, and another whose parents can’t.

These are a random assortment of the kids I could find pics of on my phone. The first one, though, is the one who’s gonna be coming to work with me for the summer whether you fund me or not. But if you fund me, that’s a way to reduce the punishment our society inflicts on teachers.

@JoshuaACNewman Count me in. Thanks for doing the good work for kids.

@snowka Thank you! I love doing it, but I also love paying my bills! I appreciate the help!

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