Hey, I'm running a teeny weeny summer camp for a couple of my students, and am trying to not have to pay to support these kids on my own! Go check out my weirdo alt education blog and back me up so I can teach kids who can't afford a summer tutor!


(Pic: a drawing one of my students is doing right now. I've got my students on my Makerspace Discord sharing stuff and they're wonderful.)

Giant naked goddess 

This drawing was REALLY fun. Thanks to @Epee102 for the inspirational question on the Patreon Discord!!


Speaking of which, I really liked the floppy, coils cable that had been built in, and it’s important that I keep the analog input for latency-free (and dead battery since they’re not smart about turning themselves off) situations.

So I added a 3.5mm jack alongside the charging jack.

But I soldered it backward so left and right were reversed.

Finally reclaiming this cable! Stereo is now correct and strain relief is in place!

My old friend! We meet again!

This is a Bluetooth module hacked into the left ear cup of a Sony MDR-7506 studio monitor headphone.

We used these cans in my college music studio and they have a really flat response — they don’t make artistic changes to the music like a lot of headphones do(“bass boost” or excess treble due to crappiness, etc).

I’ve been using them for a couple of years and my perfunctory strain relief was starting to fail, so I needed to do some zip tying.

This diagram makes you sound like a droid or a Jawa, depending on the setting on the left.

This is PlugData, a development of Pure Data that has a far cleaner interface and integrates a ton of plugins for doing fairly sophisticated sound work.

Once I'm fairly confident this is all working as it should (it's under very active development) I'm going to try getting it to compile to a Daisy Seed microcontroller to make standalone synths and modules.

Help me run a tiny summer camp!

I teach at an alt school in a 2/3 minority, very poor community. Well-heeled families also send use their kids because we’re an amazing school.

Every June, a couple parents approach me to do summer things with their kids. They’re always great kids, but they’re also the families who can afford to pay a teacher out of pocket.

This year, I’m taking one kid under my wing paid for by his dad, and another whose parents can’t.

Really delicious food 

Green garlic sauce in a sour cream base with pepper, lemon zest salt, and an egg yolk.

It was real good.

Last Autumn, I think, I swapped the bars for narrow, flared, city-friendly ones. Last night, I swapped the brifters, put in new cables and chain, and sanded off the rest of that ugly touring company branding (spottily).

Gonna replace the rear tire with a really nice one I got from the Cheap Crap pile at Bikes Not Bombs in Boston. It even has a red stripe on it.

I think I’m gonna use a pattern of retroreflective tape on the top tube.

It’s finally starting to feel like my bike.

I knew I’d have to get back on the horse right away. I hit up Craigslist, looking for a Cannondale in my size. And there was one, not that far out of my way on the way home. It was being sold by a bike touring company that was upgrading its fleet. Their deal was, you paid them a fee and toured New England on a New England-manufactured bike.

But this is the first time I’d just BOUGHT a bike in more than a decade. I’d always bought parts.

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A few years ago, my bike mysteriously disappeared off the back of my car. It might have popped off the rack on the highway, or it might have been stolen in minutes while I was dropping my nibling off with my sister. I dunno.

I built that bike up from a donated frame, including the wheels up from spokes. I loved it. Weird configuration that was very me. Barcons on bullhorns with cyclocross brakes, orange frame, optimized for city riding, but it could go fast. Very bad for climbing though.

Happy place

Also, thought I fucked up an Ultegra STI shifter that cost more than some bikes I’ve built. But I defucked it.

The previous owner had abandoned it for want of lube.

I feel there is a lesson here.

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