One summer I got all excited about micronations but kind of lost my enthusiasm for it when I found most people involved in them were tyrants, or obsessed with constructing complex governments.

I didn’t really consider how all of this would conflict with my anarchistic ways.

But it did get me thinking about how you would go about cultivating and growing an autonomous zone the way you might grow a country but without it being a country?

I haven’t figured it out yet but this is something that today’s experience has me revisiting.

The Lisa is alive and well. Tonight I made boot disks for it and she fired right up. #VintageComputing

Hey, I'm running a teeny weeny summer camp for a couple of my students, and am trying to not have to pay to support these kids on my own! Go check out my weirdo alt education blog and back me up so I can teach kids who can't afford a summer tutor!

(Pic: a drawing one of my students is doing right now. I've got my students on my Makerspace Discord sharing stuff and they're wonderful.)

Giant naked goddess 

@AudreyWinter @Epee102 Thank you! This started just tumbling out. I could completely see her deal, complete with the weird, contradictory lighting.

(You see her as though she's beneath the water with her feet on the surface, but you're seeing her reflection above.)

Honestly, the best thing about my Patreon is that it makes it so, three times a month, I have to draw my ideas out all the way instead of burying them in a sketchbook.

uspol, "bipartisanship" 

this might not be a thing that folks who haven't lived here know about, so here goes

"bipartisanship" is used as cover for politicians to allow or support regressive policies to be moved forward, without shouldering the blame for it.

Giant naked goddess 

This drawing was REALLY fun. Thanks to @Epee102 for the inspirational question on the Patreon Discord!!

I just keep thinking, “This is so substandard, I was promised a better apocalypse.”

Critics of the Steam Deck have stated that the Deck “has no identity of its own”, partially because it “offers no exclusives”.

My brother in Christ, it can play almost any game produced within the last 40 years or so. Exclusives are a dumb concept to prop up walled gardens.

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Here’s another video of @LAPDHQ beating and throwing women to the ground who are protesting for their basic rights. FUCK THE POLICE.

@skynebula I've got my 2012 running with a 1TB SSD and 16GB of RAM. The physical body is showing signs of wear mostly in random screen flicker and it's hard to find replacement power supplies but man, does it keep going.

@neuroplastic _Hackers_ and _What the Dormouse Said_ are such great examples of hard work that was skimmed for profitability and then forcibly buried. You even see some of it in _Revolution in the Valley_ and _iWoz_.

The engineers who believe that good ideas win out in the end are invariably wrong. It’s the profitable byproducts of those ideas that win out.

It’s the social movements, *backed* by those engineers that win out. Capitalism doesn’t have to be the movement.

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Hi, I repair and restore all kinds of electronics from the 1960's to the present day, and right now folk are saying some absolutely bonkers things about cheap secondhand graphics cards that have been used for cryptocurrency.

Normally I'd say aye, buy secondhand electronics, every time. I haven't bought new electronics in years.

Secondhand electronics that were designed to run about 3 hours a day for two years and have been running flat-out 24/7?

AVOID. I know what I'm talking about here.

It is a terrible shame that people would violate the privacy of some of the justices...

If only someone had maintained the right to privacy core to the human experience.

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