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Hey, punk! I’m gonna be interviewed about Misspent Youth in like 5 minutes! Come watch me talk about punk book design and probably what Cyberpunk means to me, or whatever they ask about!

it’s time to kill the old world.
it’s time to birth the new.
it is a time of monsters
on the muppet show tonight

I’d like to thank Past Me for leaving myself this note about living in 2018.

Not sure we’re not all metaphorically eating the Tide Pod at this point though.

Y’all ever open The Arc of The Covenant?

@rgegriff yeah, I'm not interested in the "x is millions times more powerful than moon lander"

sorry, but the Apollo 11 computer is more powerful because of what it did with so little

great, you got a pocket computer with some apps, cool

some teens repaired an old laptop to run their community garden automated irrigation system? now that's powerful

***Final 21 hours!!!***

You can rock a rebellion in any setting. From a small town where you fight the church to bring dancing back, to Baltimore in where you fight racism to allow black and white to dance together. You can be teenage space wizards fighting a galactic empire or cadets in a utopian space federation rebelling against the encroaching militarism. Punk is a million things and it's waiting for you.

#ttrpg, #gameing #kickstarter #punk #RPG #MisspentYouth

Opal Tapes is a machine that churns out the most reliably interesting, deeply textured experimental electronic music.
This particular track really reminds me of Catch Supposes by He Said Omala, the side project of Wire’s Graham Lewis from a couple decades back. I love that album.

thatcher, eggs, image from birdsite 

the free market at work, just as she would have wanted

$372 away from having @RobertBohl back writing for Misspent Youth. Fall In Love, Not In Line is in its last full day on Kickstarter.

Help us get there? Are you a MEE-LEE-OWN-AIR and want to help support an ethical TTRPG company (not an actual oxymoron)?

#ttrpg, #gameing #kickstarter #punk #RPG #MisspentYouth

A train is basically just a big metal snake

You may have found yourself wondering what Trent Reznor would sound like if he’d been Turkish instead of Ohioan.

I’m here to help answer questions like this.

idk call me a tankie but I simply think that a company making less money is a perfectly acceptable trade in exchange for baby formula being widely available

the US ruling class has fully convinced themselves that governance itself is evil, which I suppose was always the logical end result of believing in the invisible hand.

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Buffalo, fascism 

the whole Buffalo thing has reinforced something for me. something that i think we already knew, but needs saying, as often and as loudly as possible:

fascism IS terrorism.

there's no such thing as a peaceful fascist.

there's no such thing as a democratic fascist.

those who cleave to the far right do not do so because they want everyone to get along together.

even the ones who never (get caught) pick(ing) up a weapon themselves give aid and encouragement to those who do.

we should treat them accordingly.

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