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Huh, so apparently neonazis are using the Amber Heard chum frenzy to recruit on social-media, and large numbers of "apolitical" social-climber lawyers and Tiktok accounts are just straight-up deciding to lend legitimacy and momentum to the process

Best-case scenario, Musk deletes Twitter out of spite

More-likely scenario, Musk deletes Twitter "out of spite" but actually because the CIA asked him to

Most-likely scenario, Musk sells Twitter to Facebook

That complete pause in doing anything to sing along to the bridge in "This Corrosion".

One thing I love about my life is that, when I say something like “A person made of stained glass”, I then have to draw it to show people.

That’s my job.

This character is a so-far mute, psychic alien from our ongoing playstorm of Eyes Wide to the Stars who needed help escaping from the mine bosses that found their spacecraft(?) buried in millions of years of strata of soil. A miner and a medic wound up escaping with them.

*on the xenophilia Discord of my Patreonfolx:

I’d like to remind everyone that the plural of “goth” is “geeth” and the collective is called a “spoop”.

A spoop of geeth.

The only thing I don't like so far about Star Trek: Strange New Worlds on Paramount+ is the big SKIP INTRO button that lingers throughout the opening credits that I do not want to skip

Dog noises in ascending order of dog size:

- Yip yip
- Bow-wow
- Arf
- Woof
- Bork
- Boof

<after buying used synthesizers in the middle of a pandemic> Huh, I have literally no idea why my synthesizers are haunted

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I could listen to Maedon all night. She makes it easy to watch her, too.

The energy in her mixes is so relentless.

@JoshuaACNewman they share a newspaper, handing the sections to each other as they finish them

@thegibson Additional reminder: Memetic hazards are real, you are not immune, minimize exposure
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