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Year 2056: I hope that Sernie Banders, the version of Bernie Sanders that walked out of Bernie's tomb and ages backwards because he has Benjamin Button disease, is elected president before he becomes too young to hold office

Scully worries about twin werewolves. Mulder tries to tie FEMA bees to hauntings.

“Butts in seats” is the opposite of “Face down Ass Up”.

I have had this account since 2008.

I can't change the settings because that apparently involves making a new account, and THE DOMAIN IS AN EXISTING ACCOUNT

Simultaneously, my database blew up and all my websites are down at my completely different host! To log in, I need to get an email!

My workplace in the basement is starting to take form. It's no castle but it's good enough for me

#workplace #computer #cave #mpc #pocketoperator #x100

I don't wanna work a job, I want to be a housewife that fucks all the neighbors and then runs D&D every weekend after making a far-too-fancy meal for everyone

If you listen to music on Bandcamp, please read this:

Just a heads up but us artists have to pay for you to be able to stream our music through Bandcamp.

If you have bought the album, it doesn't cost us anything.

But if you're just bouncing around Bandcamp listening to stuff you haven't paid for, we only get a certain amount of "free" streams.

Please keep that in mind.

"Can you repair this?"
The sorcerer held a bowl of fine blue porcelain with veins of gold. The witch squinted until she could see the shards of a soul at the bottom of it.
The sorcerer nodded.
"How did you break it?"
"How do you know I broke it?"
"Nobody can break a soul but them whose it is. Hearts and spirits, yes, others can break those, but not souls."
"I didn't know that. Can you repair it?"
"It takes gold, like in your bowl."
"I have lots of gold."
#TootSerial #ShortStory

In Irish stepdance, the upper body is held still so that English occupiers can't see that you're dancing (which, like the Irish language, they made illegal) when they look through the windows.

Irish stepdance is Gaelic capoiera, a strident fuck you to occupiers everywhere ☘
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Holy shit Irish tiktok doesn’t fuck around

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