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As a dentist, do you recommend:

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Maybe it's time that we, the users and sustainers of the Internet, take these commercial threats into our own hands. ↯93DEC

As a dentist, do you recommend:

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I really like making stuff up.

That’s what I like about roleplaying games.

Making stuff up with my friends.

RT @RealJamHamster
I've finished my curved screen CRT emulator! 🥳
It has an upscaler to play original systems and an internal Pi 4 with an SD card slot in the back to change operating systems.
It works way better than expected and looks rather nice too! ☺️

So fucking pissed that the ruling-class is trying to make Malthusianism come true by pure force of presumption

One out of ten dentists recommends falling asleep with a marshmallow in your mouth because they clicked by accident.

the existence of a legal name implies the existence of a better, sexier illegal name

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