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Fascist US politics 

“Buried in the law is a prohibition on discriminating against Texans based on their geographic location.”

This law seems designed to make it hard for the stacks to defend themselves legally, requiring equal access to porn spam as their Nazi propaganda. Which might seem against their interests, but remember that their primary opposition is *people knowing what’s happening*.

It’s a legal DoS against the stacks.

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Managed to catch a pic of a little male Anna's hummingbird that frequents our feeder. This tiny fireball spent all yesterday doing courtship flights over my patio - he'd fly up vertically to 50 or 60', then dive. At the end of the dive he'd pull some acoustic trick that makes a loud chirp, the first couple times I heard it I thought it a hawk-call.

Refuel yourself, little spark, I'll keep the sugar water comin'.


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